mHARP Open Source Consortium Talk at NZSEE 2013

Sonia Giovinazzi (University of Canterbury), Helmut Wenzel, Danny Powell, and Jong Lee (both of UIUC/NCSA) presented “Consequence-based decision making tools:  evidences of needs and initial activities of the mHARP Consortium” at the 2013 New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering meeting held in Wellington, New Zealand from April 26-28, 2013.  The …

Wellington, New Zealand

NZSEE Conference April 26-28, Wellington, NZ

“Same Risks–New Realities,” the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering’s 2013 Technical Conference and AGM, is scheduled to begin Friday, April 26 in Wellington, NZ.  The full program of talks and paper/poster sessions may be found here.


mHARP-IT/MAEViz provides earthquake simulation for major European disaster response exercise

In October, 2011, a simulated 6.5-magnitude earthquake “rocked” Central Hungary, causing enormous damage to the country’s infrastructure, including accidents at nuclear power and chemical plants, the collapse of an important bridge across the Danube, large-scale destruction of property, and disruption of critical infrastructure. Fortunately, the earthquake itself –and its toll …